Commonly-used Acupuncture Points: SP6

This point is located on the Spleen channel at a major intersection of channels. Its name is 三陰交 (San Yin Jiao-Chinese, San In Ko-Japanese), and the name means “three Yin channel crossing”, namely Spleen, Liver, and Kidney channels.

Because of its nature as a major intersection, it is a frequently used point. I personally use this point for female patients 100% of the time because this point relieves menstrual cramps, aids digestion and bowel movements, and calms the mind.

The term “Spleen” is very misleading. In Eastern Medicine, “Spleen” indicates the functional unit for digesting, absorbing, and transforming food and water into vital energy and blood. Essentially, “Spleen” describes the digestive functions rather than just one organ.

This point is located behind the tibia 10/13th of the way down from the lower border of the tibia toward the medial malleous.

SP 6 Spleen channel
I normally find the point where the tibia starts to curve (point a) and draw an imaginary line toward the bump on the ankle (point b). About one quarter of the way up from point b behind the tibia, there is always a tender spot or an indentation that is about the size of a dime. There is your SP6.

It is a great point to press hard when you have menstrual cramps. Additionally, it is prohibited to stimulate this point during pregnancy. It is said that this point moves blood too much in the lower abdomen, and acupuncturists avoid needling this point during pregnancy. This point is that powerful.

*Individual results may vary.