Acupuncture for Low Back Pain (Part 2)

In an acupuncture session, the practitioner often uses a channel that is seemingly unrelated to your complaints. Treating low back pain by using the gallbladder channel is a good example.

I almost always treat the gallbladder channel when I treat low back pain. This is because of the pathway of the gallbladder channel, which runs from the corner of the eyes to the side of the neck, torso, abdomen, hip, legs, and to the fourth toes. Additionally, the internal pathway reaches the sacrum.

If you have had sciatica, you are familiar with this exact pathway. The sciatic pain is usually present in the buttocks, side of the leg, and the fourth and/or fifth toes.

There are two points on the channel that are important in treating low back pain.

GB 34: This point is like a flood gate for gallbladder channel. I was taught that this point could drain excess Qi that is stagnant in the channel and causing pain. In my clinical experience, stimulating this point releases the muscular tension in the side of the abdomen and the lumbar region.

GB 26: This is point is located at the center of the lateral body, and it literally has the pivotal importance in balancing the body mechanics. Anatomically, it is located over oblique muscles, and it is often used to release the muscular tension and alleviate pain in the low back.

*Individual results may vary.