Acupuncture Point for Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Pain, Headaches, Arthritis and So Many Other Things. 

There is an acupuncture channel called Tai Myaku (帯脈). The literal translation of the name means “the Belt Channel” because it wraps around the abdomen like a belt. In the style of Japanese acupuncture I practice, this channel bears such importance that I use it to treat almost everything.  

Anatomically, because of its location in the central and pivotal part of the body, this channel is important for the core stability. As shown in the illustration, the fine balance between the core extensor muscle group and the core flexor muscle group is kept in this area. The acupuncture point GB 34 (also named Tai Myaku) is frequently used to treat low back pain and rib pain for this reason. 

From the acupuncture point of view, the Belt Channel holds all fourteen channels in place. A common manifestation from the imbalance of the Belt Channel occurs when somebody feels like they carry all the responsibilities of the family, work, etc. That person often imagines that the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and everything would be out of control if the person does not hold everything in place. Tight shoulders, back tension, joint pain, neck pain, and ear or jaw issues are common symptoms.  

*Individual results may vary.