Massage (and Stretching)

Some patients choose massage at my clinic. Massage is indeed within the scope of acupuncturist’s practice in Oregon. As I mentioned in the acupuncture section, I always combine acupuncture with massage and stretching. The holy trinity worked well for me, and the patients benefit most from it. Having said that, the ratio of the three can be adjusted by a patient’s request. It could be 100% massage. About 20 % of my clients just receive massage and stretching.

The techniques I use are usually the combination of deep tissue work, Shiatsu (pressing and opening acupuncture channels), and gentle releasing. Stretches are also done on the treatment table during the bodywork.

The flow of a session is similar to my acupuncture session. It starts with opening channels on the arms and legs or on the back by pressing acupuncture points and stretching channels manually. I also check the pulse and tongue to see if there is any imbalance (please see acupuncture section). Based on the findings, the acupuncture points to correct such imbalance are stimulated.

After this phase, I focus on the main area(s) of concern by mostly deep tissue work and stretching. At the end of a session, I normally discuss stretching exercises with my patients, suggest some routines, practice them with my patients on a yoga mat, and give them instructions so that they can practice at home.

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