Commonly-used points SP6

SP6This point is located on the Spleen channel at a major intersection of channels. Its name is 三陰交 (San Yin Jiao-Chinese, San In Ko-Japanese), and the name means “three Yin channel crossing”, namely Spleen, Liver, and Kidney channels. Because of its nature as a major intersection, it is a frequently used point. I personally use […]

Commonly Used Points

PC 6 This point has recently become one of the most commonly used points. I usually use this point to relax the stomach and diaphragm tension due to stress and anxiety. Since almost everybody is anxious and stressed recently, this point has become very popular. When an anxious, stressed-out individual has poor sleep, palpitations, shortness […]

Case Studies

Whiplash injury Patient: Male (mid 30’s) He rear ended a vehicle, and the impact caused neck and shoulder pain. He was also experiencing headaches, and the range of motion of the neck was limited due to the pain and muscle tension. He came to my clinic three days after the accident. week one The pain […]


Eastern herbal remedies have been around as long as acupuncture. Each known herb is systematically categorized by its quality (flavor, hot or cold, which part of the body it affects, etc.). Acupuncturists prescribe formulas that consist of different ingredients. The treatment strategy is very similar to acupuncture. A formula usually contains a few herbs to […]

Are you SAD?

The Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful place to live. I have lived here since 1996, and I have but one complaint – the long, dark winter. Every winter I feel depressed and lack energy. I always thought the reason I felt depressed and tired was that the winter in Oregon is too rainy and […]

Acupuncture for Skeptics

Recently, I started thinking about how much I dislike myself sounding like a complete heretic when I explain the theories of acupuncture in English – Yin and Yang, channel theories, and so forth. Granted that English is my second language and I might not be able to explain myself fully at times; it still sounds […]

Inner Beauty

As female readers might already know, cosmetics that claim to have medical and/or nutritional properties sell better.  You see them regularly on store shelves; hair care products containing vitamins, skin care products containing collagen, and so forth.  I read recently that the departments of development in cosmetic companies hire medical staff to come up with […]

(Mibyo) Half-Sick

I would like to introduce the concept of Mibyo. The literal translation of the word is “pre-disease.” It is the period between health and serious disease, when you feel as if something were off, although there is nothing wrong with you clinically. The practitioners of Eastern Medicine take Mibyo quite seriously because the prevention of […]