Acupuncture for Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow)

A condition commonly known as tennis elbow is pain felt on the outside of the elbow. It is due to the inflammation or minor tear of the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow.
The name, tennis elbow, suggests that it is caused by tightly gripping a racket and engaging in a back hand stroke with poor technique. However, it does not affect just tennis players. Overuse of the hands and forearm may cause inflammation or minor tear of the extensor muscles on the forearm for anybody.

The pain and weakness of the muscles typically make it difficult to grasp an object like a coffee mug, shake hands, and turn a doorknob or a wrench. The symptoms are often aggravated by the said movements or occasionally worsened at night.

When you come to an acupuncturist’s office for this condition to be treated, a seasoned practitioner should have a few techniques to release the tension of the forearm muscles to relieve pain. Personally, I would like to look at the acupuncture channels that overlap the affected area. Since acupuncturists view these channels (or zones) as the continuation of body mechanics, a problem in one area can be treated by addressing the whole channels that are associated with the problematic area.

Most likely, I will be utilizing a technique called “pecking (雀啄)”. It is a common acupuncture technique in which a practitioner gently stimulates the tight, knotted muscles to release. Softened muscles should ease the tension on the tendons and surrounding soft tissues. Also, supple muscles facilitate healthy blood flow to the area, and the blood flow should speed up the natural healing process of the human body.