Acupuncture for Emotional Balance (Part 2)

In this article, I would like to discuss 魂 (Kon in Japanese, Hun in Chinese). This Chinese character is commonly used to describe “soul” and gives us the impression of passion and achievement when we see it. This character is often used in such context in our culture.

In Eastern Medicine, the character indicates “ethereal spirit” as opposed to “corporeal spirit”, 魄. It is said to be controlled by Liver. In a healthy body, the ethereal spirit provides us healthy level of passion and leadership.

In (what we refer to as) Liver-deficient conditions, a patient shows irritability, insomnia, brain fog, difficulty leading others, and hesitance to ask for help. On the other hand, in Liver-excess conditions, one shows the tendency toward unnecessary confrontations and shouting.

Both conventional medicine and Eastern Medicine agree that stress, overwork, over indulgence of food, alcohol, and drugs negatively affect the liver. Our liver takes on external and internal stress silently until the tipping point is reached. Additionally, it is said that excessive anger damages Liver in the Eastern Medicine tradition.

In this day and age, almost everyone is exposed to external and internal stressors, and it is common to see that the imbalance of Liver causing a myriad of health issues. As shown in the illustration, the internal pathway of the Liver channel connects liver, stomach, and lungs. It also goes through the throat, face, and the head. The health issues could be anywhere along the pathway, and the Liver channel is a very useful channel to work on in order to improve one’s health.

*Individual results may vary.