Acupuncture for Emotional Balance (Part 3)

A Chinese classic, Su Wen素問, indicates that pensiveness is the normal emotional state that Spleen supports. In a healthy individual, Spleen should provide good memory and mental calmness to handle affairs in a thoughtful manner. From this perspective, Spleen 脾 (in Eastern Medicine) is not just an organ; rather, Spleen represents the digestive functional unit that includes the small intestine and the nervous systems that are involved in digestion.

Some people are prone to overthinking. According to the Eastern Medical tradition, this damages Spleen. Since Spleen facilitates digestion, overthinking negatively affects our digestion.

Other clinical signs of Spleen deficiency include lack of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, weakness of the limbs, depressive thought processes, and an inability to start a task. Basically, the body is lacking the organizational skills to multitask.

It is sort of a catch-22. Someone who loves to organize tends to organize too much. When that becomes excessive, it damages Spleen and causes Spleen deficiency. Spleen deficiency, in turn, makes you lose the ability to organize. I think it is a sign from your body that says, “that’s enough micromanaging for now”.

*Individual results may vary.