Commonly-used Acupuncture Points: TW9

The name of this point is 四讀, Shi Toku (Japanese) or Si Du (Chinese). It means “Four Rivers”. Apparently, it indicates the region in China where the Yellow River and three other large rivers merge, and the name suggests “big currents”. I think it is reasonable to assume that this point is where big currents of Blood or Qi occur.

As shown in the illustration, the point is located between the ulna and the radius, a little above the midpoint of the forearm. Since this point is located on the TW (Triple Warmer) channel, it is used to address pain in the forearm, shoulder, and neck. It is also beneficial for pain that is between the shoulder blades. The point, Kami (Upper) Shi Toku is an alternate point to this.

I personally like using this point to treat someone who has “computer-arm pain”. The repetitive movement of the keyboarding causes pain/tension in the wrist, forearm, shoulder, neck and -in the worst case- a migraine headache.

*Individual results may vary.