A Point Combination for Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Low Back Pain

One of my teachers at the acupuncture school I attended described an acupuncture session as a song. It has an intro, a body, and an outro. In the intro section, I like to use the sets of points to prime the body for the main part of the session.

This combination is a great one if my goal is to relax the muscles of the whole body. It is a pair of TW 9 (Shi Toku) and GB (Gallbladder) 40 (丘墟 Kyū Kyo in Japanese, Qiū Xū in Chinese). GB 40 is located anterior and inferior to the lateral malleolus.

Because of the distribution of Triple Warmer channel and Gallbladder channel, this combination covers most problems of the muscles and joints on the lateral side of the body. This point combination is essential for the treatment of neck pain, shoulder pain, and low back pain.

*Individual results may vary.